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Please complete the information below for the participant:

(The participant is the individual for whom the device is being requested)
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Participant Receives services or supports through the:
Participants must be individuals receiving services, have an open case or participate in one of the following Older Adult Services programs/services:

General Screening Questionnaire

What is the main reason for participant being referred? (choose one)

Does the participant currently use a tablet type device?  
What kind of telephone does the participant use?  
Does the participant currently have Internet Access?  
Is there someone in the home or who otherwise is available to assist the participant with technical problems like resetting internet, rebooting or troubleshooting electronic equipment?  
Would the participant be able to participate in technical assistance via the following modalities: (check all that apply)

Please select the preferred language

Functional Assessment

Participant's Disability:

Cognitive/Memory – Will the participant be able to do sequential memory tasks for turning device on/off, navigating menus and activating applications (apps)?  
If no, how would you rate the participants’ cognitive/memory skills?      
Motor Skills/Dexterity – Will be able to find and manipulate buttons; can learn and perform gestures (i.e. tapping, swiping)?  
If no, how would you rate the participants’ motor/dexterity skills?      
Hearing – Will the participant be able to hear audio output of the device?  
If no, how would you rate the participants’ hearing/understanding speech?      
Vision – Will the participant be able to see and/or read the screen?

If unsure, how would you rate the participants’ vision/reading text skills?      

Assistive Technology and Information Technology Options

Hardware (please select one):


Applications (check all that are needed):

Other Assistive Technology Devices

This program is funded by the Illinois Department on Aging